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8 Questions to Ask When Meeting with a Criminal Defense Attorney

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8 Questions to Ask When Meeting with a Criminal Defense Attorney

If you’re charged with a crime, your first step will be to choose a lawyer. Therefore, you’ll need to know what to ask an attorney if you want to receive the best possible defense. Use the questions below as a checklist to ensure you and the lawyer you retain “stay on the same page.”

Question 1: How Long Have You Been a Lawyer?

Background and experience are important, especially when you’re seeking a legal defense. Therefore, choose a lawyer who has several years of experience inside and outside the courtroom. Conduct a lawyer background check. Review testimonials.

Question 2: What Is Your Legal Experience?

If you want your defense to go well, you need to work with a lawyer that has solid experience in defending your kind of case. After all, if you’re arrested for a serious crime, it’s best to choose an attorney that knows how to handle serious criminal cases.

Question 3: How Many Cases Have You Handled That Are Similar to Mine?

If the lawyer handles cases that are similar to yours, you’ll want to know how many cases they’ve managed. Again, an attorney with specific knowledge and experience can give you the help you need to realize a more positive outcome.

Question 4: What Is Your Fee Structure?

Get a breakdown of the fees the lawyer charges for their services. You don’t want any surprises later, so you need to make sure you know what you’ll be paying–exactly–for your defense.

Question 5: What Are My Options and the Possible Outcome for My Case?

Depending on your case, you may realize one of several outcomes. Your attorney will need to completely review your circumstances to figure out a defense strategy that will bring about more positive results. 

In some cases, the prosecution may choose to drop the charges, or your attorney, in other situations, may be able to negotiate a plea agreement. Ask your lawyer about the probability of jail time and what you might pay in penalties.

Question 6: How Long Will the Court Process Take?

While you have the right to receive a speedy trial, the overall time for the court process depends on several factors. In some cases, you can go through these steps – if a plea agreement is reached – in a couple of months. Otherwise, a felony case that goes to trial may take over a year to resolve. If you appeal a verdict, it can even last longer.

Question 7: Do You Regularly Communicate with Your Clients?

Indeed, communication is important when you’re facing a criminal charge that you have to defend. Ask your lawyer how often clients are updated, and let them know you expect to receive regular input about your case.

Question 8: What Other Team Members Will Be Working on My Case?

A solid law firm has a strong legal team on its payroll. Paralegals, attorneys, assistants, and law clerks all contribute to this effort. Therefore, it helps to know who, exactly, will be supporting you in your defense.

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