Indiana Code 35-43-4-3 provides: A person who knowingly or intentionally exerts unauthorized control over property of another commits criminal conversion, a Class A misdemeanor.


The offense of Theft, A Class D felony, is distinguishable in that it requires that the defendant intend to deprive the owner of the property from the use or value of the property. The offense of criminal conversion only requires proof that the defendant exercised unauthorized control over property belonging to another person.


The most common fact pattern giving rise to a charge of criminal conversion, a Class A misdemeanor, is shoplifting. It is a Class A misdemeanor, which means a conviction is punishable up to 365 days in jail and a $5,000 fine.


Additionally, criminal conversion, like theft and other related offenses, is considered to be a crime of dishonesty. Prospective employers, for example, might choose not to hire a person who has been convicted of such an offense.


There is no specific dollar amount required for the State to file a charge of criminal conversion or theft. When a theft exceeds $100,000.00, the State can charge theft as a Class C Felony.


Most shopliftings are really thefts. For example, a person who leaves a store without paying for a $1 candy bar likely intends to deprive that store of the use or value of that candy bar (when he decides to eat the candy bar).


However, a person who takes a neighbors bike without permission, with the intent to return it after his bike ride, arguably commits the offense of criminal conversion, a Class A Misdemeanor.


The attorneys at Law Offices of Shane O’Donnell have extensive experience representing clients charged with property crimes.


Theft, fraud, conversion, auto theft, receiving stolen property, criminal mischief, forgery and check deception are among some of the types of cases we handle.


Whether you are accused of stealing from your employer or passing a bad check, the attorneys at Law Offices of Shane O’Donnell will diligently represent your interests.


Attorney O’Donnell is a former Prosecutor that has dealt with numerous property crime cases as both a Prosecutor and as a criminal defense lawyer.


Our office deals with all property crimes including:


• Theft

• Fraud

• Forgery

• Criminal Conversion

• Embezzlement

• Auto Theft

• Receiving Stolen Property

• Criminal Mischief

• Check Deception

• Burglary


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Five Steps to take when charged with a crime

#1 Do not talk  about your case with anyone Police and other authorities are trained to coax information and details from you about your case. You have a right granted by the U.S. Constitution to  remain silent. Friends and family don't have the legal training to give advice.

Hire a qualified attorney to represent you

#2 Being charged with a criminal offense is a serious circumstance. Find a lawyer who is qualified and experienced in dealing with matters that you are charged with. (See our practice areas)

Remain Calm

#3 We understand that you and your family family are under a  considerable amount of stress. Don't panic. If you have legal questions only receive advice from your attorney. Your case will be fully reviewed and analyzed by your lawyer.

Activate your support network

#4 Dealing with legal issues can require time away from your family, job or business. Have a support network that can help with non legal personal issues. Children need to be cared for and bills will need to be paid.

Think Long Term

#5 While the legal system is often not speedy, it has many provisions to protect your rights.  It's important that you to let your attorney address your cases issues in a detailed and deliberate manner. It's in your best interests to remain patient.

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