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Crown Point Criminal Lawyer

Crown Point Criminal Lawyer

Crown Point Criminal Lawyer

Indiana authorities and courts take criminal behavior seriously, as an arrest and criminal case can have lifelong repercussions. Even if you manage to avoid jail time, having a criminal record can lead to major difficulties. People convicted of crimes often have trouble finding housing or getting a job.

Therefore, you should not face any type of criminal charge by yourself. Whether you’re brought in for questioning or have been arrested, you need to retain your own attorney ASAP. While the police may tell you they’re just asking some questions, you should not answer inquiries without a legal advocate at your side.

How an Attorney from the Law Offices of Shane O’Donnell Can Help

When you retain the help of a Crown Point criminal lawyer from the Law Offices of Shane O’Donnell, you’ll receive legal assistance that’s comprehensive. This involves a complete investigation of the accusations. 

A good defense lawyer will review all the angles of a case thoroughly. This enables them to build a powerful defense. Depending on the case, various factors may be used to create a successful argument. 

For instance, sometimes the DNA evidence is faulty, or a witness’s testimony is not reliable. A defendant may have been acting in self-defense, or they have an alibi. By examining and challenging the state’s evidence against you, your lawyer can build the strongest possible defense.

The U.S. Constitution gives you the right to retain an attorney, so you should take advantage of this privilege. In some cases, the evidence for a case is obtained unlawfully, or a warrant is not issued properly. Officers may also use coercion to get a client to confess and make a statement.

Therefore, it’s important to contact a lawyer immediately so you’ll avoid incriminating yourself or speaking out of turn. A lawyer’s guidance will also make the criminal justice process less confusing. Getting arrested, then arraigned, then proceeding to trial all involve specific procedures, and you need a lawyer to navigate this process.

A Lawyer Will Keep You Informed

Your lawyer will also give you an idea about the prosecutor’s role and how to avoid problems with your case. For example, jail inmates may make calls when they’re incarcerated – calls that are recorded. Therefore, you don’t want to convey any information that may hurt your case. Your lawyer can prevent this from happening.

You probably have a lot of questions as well. For instance, you might want to know how the law defines misdemeanors and felonies and where you stand in this respect. Each offense has its own possible jail sentences and fines, and your lawyer will approach your case based on the specific charges and consequences you face.

Know What to Expect

By conferring with a lawyer, you’ll know what to expect during each phase of the legal process. In turn, you’ll gain a better understanding of what everything means so you can decide on the best course of action.

When you choose your defense attorney, you want to select someone who has the experience and know-how to navigate the criminal court system and make your ordeal less stressful. Whether you need to negotiate a plea agreement or wish to get your charges dropped, you need to partner with an attorney who will work toward your best interests.

To ensure you’re choosing the right lawyer, check out their testimonials on their website and schedule a consultation. Both the attorney’s reputation and background are strong factors to consider for retaining legal services.

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