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Sarah Jean Coduti

So dependable, kind and patient. Very informative every step of the way. Always there for any questions, and I will never change lawyers. He gets the job done and won’t stop until you are satisfied!

Robert Redenbaugh

Mr. O’Donnell is the best! He did everything possible to get me what he said he could do for me. Number one attorney in my book. God bless him. Would recommend him to anyone. A++, saved my career!

Alexandra Smith

He did exactly what he said he’d do. He was easy to get ahold of and always answered my questions in a timely manner. My husband and I had a great experience with him.

Jason Mitchell

Shane O’Donnell helped my family recover way more money than we had ever expected! I was involved in a three car accident along with my wife and daughter. We suffered relatively minor injuries. Attorney O’Donnell handled our cases with utmost care. We were always able to talk to Attorney O’Donnell or his staff whenever we had any questions. I would highly recommend Shane O’Donnell to be your personal injury. He’s the best around!

Mat J.

I had Shane for an attorney multiple times. He was very nice and always there to help whenever I needed it.

Nick Gramhofer

Great attorney! Did an excellent job and was quick! Highly recommend!

Eric Gage

A good man of his word got me off of 2 felonies that I didn’t have anything to do with. 5 stars aren’t enough for him.

Megan Noneya

I trust Shane for all of my legal needs! Nice guy. Very professional.

Steven Bogner

Best lawyer around! He took care of both my Lake and Porter County cases! Definitely recommend!

Koiya Thomas

Beautiful atmosphere and hard workers, very sweet and kind. Very sensitive to your needs.

Jonathan Cox

Great people, easy to talk to, and understanding. They were able to get my felony dismissed. Highly recommend.

Richard Edmonds

Amazing lawyer! Great counselor, both injury and criminal. Very professional, truthful, and one of the easiest people to talk to.

Michelle Scott

Attorney O’Donnell exceeded my expectations in every way imaginable. He’s a great personal injury attorney who I would highly recommend if you get injured in any type of accident!

Mike Jones

Shane O’Donnell is the absolute best lawyer in Lake County, if not the whole state of Indiana. I highly recommend his services. He is very nice, professional, and trustworthy. He is very respected in the county and takes his cases very seriously. He also made me feel very comfortable from the start when I thought I had no chance or hope, and he lived up to his word. I had a great experience with his services and was very satisfied with the outcome. Without a doubt hire Shane O’Donnell.

Lara Merja

I had a great experience with this law office! They got me a settlement that I could have never imagined! Highly recommended!

Andjela Jovanovic

Shane is the best! He is great at what he does and will make sure he does his very best work to help you out. He and his staff are such a pleasure to work with.

Robbin Du Verney

This gentleman is ABSOLUTELY PHENOMENAL! Will work with you on payments, and do his very best to win your case. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS ATTORNEY.

Debbie Jo OBrien

One of the best attorneys I have ever had. I appreciate all he has done for me. I recommend him highly to anyone that needs a great attorney!

Rob Magic

If you’re ever in an accident, call Shane O’Donnell. I hired Attorney O’Donnell to handle my car accident case last year and his office exceeded my expectations. He was able to settle my case within a few months and got me a settlement beyond what I thought was possible. I highly recommend him as an attorney.

Sandra M.

Attorney O’Donnell did an amazing job on my truck accident case! I broke several bones, and he was able to get me a $500,000 settlement! Best lawyer you can get for any type of injury you get from a motor vehicle accident. Highly recommended!

Leslie Becktell

Great guy to work with! He was able to get my case dismissed! Getting a felony charge dismissed is pretty awesome! Thanks Attorney Shane O’Donnell!

Cynthia Sumner

Shane and his staff are to say the least very compassionate about what they do and for the people they serve. They are on top of things at all times. In a way, they save lives for a living and give people another chance to live their lives right! Thank you Shane and staff for all that you have done!

Patrick Carter

Attorney O’Donnell was outstanding in representing me in a truck accident case. He was very understanding, informative and dedicated. He answered all of my questions and kept me informed every step of the way. Without his expertise, it would not have been possible to get the settlement I deserved. I would highly recommend him if you need any kind of legal assistance.

Maria Hester

I highly recommend calling Attorney O’Donnell anytime you are injured in any type of accident if it is not your fault. He got me WAY more money than I ever thought possible, given the rather minor injuries I suffered in a car accident. He is a great attorney that goes way above and beyond to make sure you are satisfied!

Stephanie Cruz

I got into a bad car accident a few years back. I hurt my neck and back really bad and had to have surgery on my lower back. Attorney O’Donnell was great to deal with and got me a settlement that changed my life! I love the man. I would highly recommend him to anybody that gets injured in a car accident. He’s a great attorney and person!

Dana Garibay

I just want to thank Shane and Jen for all their work! Jen called me every time there was something new with my case and answered all my annoying questions I would call her about. Shane put together a very well-written statement regarding my car accident, which in the end got me not one settlement but TWO all together. Overall, I was really happy with them and I’m super glad I chose Shane to represent me.


Shane is an amazing lawyer, he gets the job done with dismissals. Shane is easy to contact and answers promptly every time. If you end up in trouble or your child gets arrested Shane is the man!

Andy Nevarez

Mr. O’Donnell just made me the happiest father in the world. I hired him to take on four felonys and three misdemeanor cases. He got every one thrown out (dismissed). Shane truly knows his way around the courtroom and is the nicest attorney I ever had to deal with. I am very happy with my choice of hiring Shane. He’s been like family for over a couple of years now, and I feel like I can depend on him for any legal battles that get thrown at me and my family. His past prosecutor knowledge is a big plus also. He’s just a great man all around and when he talks it’s like music to my ears. Never disappointed me or my brother. My brother had multiple great outcomes on cases that didn’t look too good at first, and Shane weathered the storms with us the whole way. Thank you for everything Mr. O’Donnell, it was a blessing working with you and taking these cases down, and you even did it for an amazing price which was just another plus of dealing with you. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND ATTORNEY O’DONNELL!!!!!! THANKS SHANE AGAIN AND AGAIN!!!

J Smith

I highly recommend this law office, along with the great communication I got from the attorneys and paralegals during the pendency of my case. They are great at what they do and are the best in personal injury and criminal defense.

Sophie L.

Attorney O’Donnell got my felony case dismissed when I was facing 30 years in jail! Highly recommended for any criminal charge from OWI to serious felony cases. He’s the best and I owe my life to him!

Michelle Urbanczyk

I had never even thought to get an attorney for anything before. I fell in a store in a large puddle of water, and the store denied my claim. I was hurt and upset and scared of how I was going to afford everything. Someone told me to get an attorney, so I came across Shane’s firm after a quick google search. I am so glad I chose them. They have made this process so simple and worry-free. They communicate very well through email or phone and always respond to you so you’re never in the dark about what’s going on. I felt like they weren’t just about making the most money they could, they had my best interest first and made sure I got what was fair. I definitely recommend them!

Ryan Jackson

Attorney O’Donnell is the best criminal defense and personal injury attorney in Northwest Indiana and possibly the best in ALL of Indiana! He helped me get my DUI dismissed because of a technicality that I never thought of! I would highly recommend Shane O’Donnell as an attorney that will aggressively represent you!

Joseph Buikema

Attorney O’Donnell is very experienced with vast knowledge in criminal, civil, and personal injury. He is reliable and thrives on getting the best results possible for his clients. If you want a professional that is timely and articulate then look no further than Attorney O’Donnell. Friendly and knowledgeable staff as well.

Taylor Parks

Shane is the best attorney in the region. He took care of my son’s case and got him a great result. He works really hard and fights for his clients. Highly recommend!

Michael Sullivan

I was extremely pleased with the way Attorney O’Donnell handled my case. I met with 4 or 5 different attorneys before choosing Attorney O’Donnell to handle my case. He got my case finished sooner than we originally thought and it’s completely off my record. He is very timely and professional. I would highly recommend him.

Tiffany Williams

I really can’t overstate what a wonderful experience I had with this law office. Shane is a very honest attorney, from day one he was upfront with me about my car accident. He is clear about anything that may happen or problems that may arise, and he talks to you in terms that you will always understand. The communication was excellent and any questions I might have had were promptly and thoroughly answered. He always kept me informed about what was going on. He really knows his stuff. When it was all said and done, I had received a settlement that far exceeded my expectations, and I have no doubt it was due to Shane’s extremely competent representation. I’d highly recommend his services to anyone who needs a lawyer.

Sharon Davis

I normally don’t write on Google as I post on Trip Advisor as we travel and eat out a lot. However, I recently encountered Mr. Shane O’Donnell in Indiana through my son who needed legal counsel. We live in a suburb close to Chicago but my son required an attorney in Indiana. Mr. O’Donnell spoke to us over the phone, at the time we felt comfortable enough to schedule an appointment which he got us on the same day. Not willing to go into specifics regarding my son’s case but I will tell you Mr. O’Donnell handled the case with utmost professionalism with a better outcome than we all expected. He was reasonably priced and genuinely took a lot of time to answer questions and provide advice. I would highly recommend Mr. O’Donnell. I hope to never need his services again but if he ever decided to open an office in Illinois. I would not be hesitant to use him. I highly recommend you to call him first. We are grateful that we did.

Amanda Martinez

I would like to share my very positive experience working with Shane O’Donnell after I was injured in an accident in which I was rear-ended on Lake Shore Drive. From the start, my attorney was extremely professional and always made me feel like they were going to take the steps needed to win my case. My case was settled at a mediation, and Mr. O’Donnell had my back when it came to negotiating with the insurance companies. I am absolutely certain I had the best legal representation possible and suggest this firm to anyone in need of a great accident law firm.

Brandon Russell

Attorney O’Donnell is hands down the best attorney around. A friend of mine recommended him to me after I got into some legal trouble. He is a beast in the courtroom. I had another attorney working on my case prior to hiring him that did nothing. Once Attorney O’Donnell took over, my case started moving along. He doesn’t stop working until he gets a good result. I put my freedom in his hands, and he did not let me down. I am finally able to put my legal troubles behind me, and I can’t thank him enough for fighting for me. He also did a fantastic job for my mother, who was involved in a car accident.

Savvy Dillon

After years of running into brick walls and being offered unreasonable deals and being told by other attorneys that it was the best he was going to get, my husband and I found Shane. He was always able to be reached and ultimately had my husband’s felony case dismissed. We ended up choosing him because of the reviews his clients had left, and I am happy to add to the list. If you’re in need of an attorney CALL SHANE or if you have an attorney you’re not happy with CALL SHANE. He is the absolute best and his staff is very helpful as well. He’s an actual lifesaver.

Hannah S.

They did outstanding on my husband’s car accident case, and put more money in our hands for his injuries than we thought possible. They are great attorneys and great people. I would highly recommend this law office to my friends and relatives!

Courtney Peters

Shane and his staff are a pleasure to work with. I made a terrible mistake, and Shane got me out of my legal troubles. He is very easy to talk to and has a lot of confidence in the courtroom. He’s very respected in the legal community and works very hard for his clients. Although he is very busy, he still manages to promptly return my calls and emails. I would highly recommend him if you are looking for a great attorney.

Jason Thompson

Attorney O’Donnell is a great personal injury lawyer. He helped my wife recover $1 million on her accident when she was hit in her car by a semi truck. She broke several bones and recovered more money than we expected. I would highly recommend this lawyer! He is the best!

Conrad Czosnyka

I highly recommend Attorney O’Donnell’s office to those in need of legal counsel. The office handled my case with courtesy and a high level of professionalism, securing an excellent outcome.

Jasmine Wright

Shane O’Donnell is the best Attorney in Northwest Indiana! My son made a stupid mistake and got in some legal trouble, and he helped him get out of it. His paralegals are helpful and friendly. His office kept me informed from start to finish. He’s very knowledgeable and puts 100% into your case. I would highly recommend him.

Dragan R.

Great personal injury law firm! They helped my family recover more than we ever thought possible from a car accident my wife was involved in. We are extremely satisfied with their results. If you are looking for a car accident attorney, look no further! They will be involved and fight for you every step of the process. Highly recommended to anybody that needs a lawyer!

Sharon O'Donnell

Several of my friends went to Shane O’Donnell and were very satisfied. He is experienced and really knows his stuff.

Kyle Ellis

Shaney – the paralegal at Shane O’Donnell’s office is the friendliest and most customer-service-oriented person I have ever met. She is not only very knowledgeable, but answers the phone and emails with the appropriate and correct information in a timely manner. Although I am happy my case is almost behind me, I will miss being able to seek her advice and ask her questions about the fearful process I endured. Thank you for making life less stressful, Shaney!

Tom Jacob

This law group is the greatest law group I have ever dealt with. They are professional in every manner and very pleasant and understanding. The lawyers and paralegals work together as a team to fight for your rights. Shane and Kirk are the most understanding lawyers you could ever ask for, and if there is a way to protect your rights, they will find it. I hope this helps future clients to fully understand that Shane O’Donnell and associates are a 10 out of 10, and if given the chance, will prove without a doubt how hard they work for their clients.

Anthony Burke

The Law Office of Shane O’Donnell is the ABSOLUTE BEST in Northwest Indiana, these people are the BEST IN THE BUSINESS! I desperately needed a lawyer for my case and they responded to me within minutes. They looked at my case and offered me their services at incredibly affordable prices. Upon representation, they instantly went to work and went above and beyond for me…..they exceeded ALL of my expectations, and they were so friendly, helpful, and informative! The end results were incredibly impressive, and they really saved me a lot of time, money, and stress. I’m incredibly grateful for EVERYTHING these people have done for me, and I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of their services. They were so welcoming, friendly and turned my very scary, stressful legal situation into a very positive, calming, stress-free one. By far the best court/attorney/legal experience I’ve ever had! I’d like to personally give a huge shout-out to “Shanie” especially, for helping me out, explaining everything, and treating me so kindly! THESE PEOPLE ARE TRULY THE BEST IN THE BUSINESS and if you need any of their services THESE ARE THE “ONLY” PEOPLE TO CALL! Thank you again with all of my heart!

J Strickland

These attorneys are the best in Indiana! They are outstanding at criminal law and personal injury and have attorneys that concentrate on those specific areas. They have extremely helpful staff and everybody is super friendly. I would highly recommend this law office to any of my family and friends!

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