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Shane O’Donnell, the founder of the Law Offices of Shane O’Donnell, is a former prosecutor.


He has worked extensively in all of the Crown Point, Indiana courts as both a prosecutor and a criminal defense attorney.


Attorney O’Donnell also currently resides in Crown Point, and he is proud to call Crown Point his home.


Crown Point is a city in and the county seat of Lake County, Indiana, United States.  The population was 27,317 at the 2010 census.


The city was incorporated in 1868.  On October 31, 1834, Solon Robinson and his family became the first settlers to an area that later became Crown Point.  Because of its location, Crown Point is known as the "Hub of Lake County".


The city is surrounded by Merrillville to the north, Winfield to the east, Cedar Lake to the southwest, St. John to the west, and unincorporated Schererville to the northwest.


The southern and southeastern parts of Crown Point border some unincorporated areas of Lake County.


The old Lake County Court House is prominently situated in the center of Crown Point, which is commonly referred to simply as the square.


The first portion of the court house was erected in 1878, with portions being added on all the way up to 1928.  Inside the "Grand Old Lady", there are gift shops, a restaurant, and a museum which is located on the second floor.


City of Crown Point, Indiana website- (

Crown Point Community website- (

Crown Point City Court- (219) 662-3243

Crown Point Fire Dept.- (219) 662-3248

Crown Point Police Dept.- (219) 663-2131

Crown Point Office of the Mayor- (219) 662-3240



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Five Steps to take when charged with a crime

#1 Do not talk  about your case with anyone Police and other authorities are trained to coax information and details from you about your case. You have a right granted by the U.S. Constitution to  remain silent. Friends and family don't have the legal training to give advice.

Hire a qualified attorney to represent you

#2 Being charged with a criminal offense is a serious circumstance. Find a lawyer who is qualified and experienced in dealing with matters that you are charged with. (See our practice areas)

Remain Calm

#3 We understand that you and your family family are under a  considerable amount of stress. Don't panic. If you have legal questions only receive advice from your attorney. Your case will be fully reviewed and analyzed by your lawyer.

Activate your support network

#4 Dealing with legal issues can require time away from your family, job or business. Have a support network that can help with non legal personal issues. Children need to be cared for and bills will need to be paid.

Think Long Term

#5 While the legal system is often not speedy, it has many provisions to protect your rights.  It's important that you to let your attorney address your cases issues in a detailed and deliberate manner. It's in your best interests to remain patient.

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