Facing an OWI/DUI charge is one of the most stressful life events a person can experience. The long-term consequences of a drunk driving conviction are so severe that your life could be altered in ways you never expected.


Because the punishment for drinking and driving in Indiana is so strict, it is crucial for you to contact a qualified OWI/DUI defense attorney immediately.  Your lawyer will be your guide through the complicated Indiana court system.  Your attorney will be the driving force ensuring your rights are protected every step of your legal journey.


If you have been arrested for operating while intoxicated in Indiana, you will face two different types of penalties. The first penalty is that your Indiana drivers license will be suspended for six months if you take the BAC (breathalyzer test).  If you refuse to take the BAC (breathalyzer test), your license will be suspended for 1 year for a first time OWI/DUI, or 2 years if you have a prior OWI/DUI conviction.


The second penalty you face is if you are convicted of OWI/DUI, you may be sentenced to time in jail, an alcohol safety program, probation, and community service. You may even have to install an ignition interlock device in your vehicle if this is not your first offense.


In addition to these court-sanctioned penalties, you will face steep consequences in other areas of your life. For example, you may have difficulty finding affordable automobile insurance. Your job could be in jeopardy if your employer requires a clean criminal and/or driving record.


Do not despair. You may assume that being charged with OWI/DUI means you will automatically be convicted and harshly sentenced. Nothing could be further from the truth! Attorney Shane O’Donnell, who is a former OWI Prosecutor, will closely examine the facts in your particular case and will determine your best and most effective defenses.


The breath test used by law enforcement to determine your BAC (blood alcohol content) is far from perfect. There are many factors, from medical conditions to chewing gum, that could produce a false reading. The Law Offices of Shane O’Donnell can expose any flaws in your individual test.


Our law office handles all of the following alcohol related crimes:

• OWI/DUI/DWI (drunk driving)

• OWI causing death

• Public intoxication


Attorney O’Donnell can usually substantially shorten or even prevent any license suspension as a result of your drunk driving arrest!  Our office may also be able to get your OWI/DUI charges dismissed or reduced to a lesser charge.


The key for you is to immediately give our Crown Point, Indiana office a call at (219) 213-2254.  We will fight for you to get you the best possible result in your drunk driving case!




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Five Steps to take when charged with a crime

#1 Do not talk  about your case with anyone Police and other authorities are trained to coax information and details from you about your case. You have a right granted by the U.S. Constitution to  remain silent. Friends and family don't have the legal training to give advice.

Hire a qualified attorney to represent you

#2 Being charged with a criminal offense is a serious circumstance. Find a lawyer who is qualified and experienced in dealing with matters that you are charged with. (See our practice areas)

Remain Calm

#3 We understand that you and your family family are under a  considerable amount of stress. Don't panic. If you have legal questions only receive advice from your attorney. Your case will be fully reviewed and analyzed by your lawyer.

Activate your support network

#4 Dealing with legal issues can require time away from your family, job or business. Have a support network that can help with non legal personal issues. Children need to be cared for and bills will need to be paid.

Think Long Term

#5 While the legal system is often not speedy, it has many provisions to protect your rights.  It's important that you to let your attorney address your cases issues in a detailed and deliberate manner. It's in your best interests to remain patient.

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