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 Contact our law office before you pay your Indiana traffic ticket. There are often many hidden penalties in addition to paying the fine. And some of them can be severe. For instance, paying a traffic ticket can often result in higher insurance premiums that you will have to pay for years to come.


If you or a loved one received a traffic ticket, let our Crown Point, Indiana ticket attorney help you now!


 Also, paying a traffic ticket may result in the suspension of your driver’s license, the loss of your driving privileges or expensive fines against you. If you have missed a court date and have a Failure to Appear or a warrant for your arrest, let our Indiana ticket attorney help you.


 Our traffic ticket attorneys work closely with individuals who have a commercial driver's license (CDL), because we understand that the adding of points to your driving record can put your job at risk. We represent local truckers as well as over-the-road drivers from other states who have been stopped on a highway or any roadway in Indiana.


Whenever possible, our Indianapolis traffic ticket attorneys will seek to have charges reduced to an offense that does not add points to your record, thereby minimizing the chances that your CDL will be suspended or revoked.


Indiana Traffic Laws and Northwest Indiana Traffic Violations


Our Indiana lawyer helps you fight tickets


 The Law Offices of Shane O’Donnell helps you fight a traffic violation, ticket, or any related violation in northwest Indiana. Traffic tickets and other moving and non-moving charges often require the representation of a qualified attorney to determine your best course of action in securing a positive outcome for your case. We can help to reduce charges, avoid points and preserve your driving privileges. Our experienced traffic violations attorney can assess the advantages of fighting your charge.

Moving violations


 The Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles imposes a point system that it attaches to your driving record upon the conviction of a moving violation. If you accumulate more than 18 points in a two-year period, you can incur fines and/or suspension of your driving privileges.


Our law office helps fight your Indiana traffic violations, working to reduce or eliminate points or fines and avoid costly insurance surcharges.  Some of the more common moving violation tickets include:


• Speeding

• Driving while suspended as an infraction

• Unsafe lane movement

• Failure to yield

• Failure to stop at a stop sign or traffic light

Misdemeanor and Felony Traffic Violations


 There are several traffic crimes in Indiana that can cost you a criminal conviction AND numerous points on your driving record.  DO NOT settle for a Public Defender if you are charged with these criminal offenses!  These Indiana criminal traffic offenses include:


• Reckless Driving

• OWI/DUI/DWI (drunk driving)

• Failure of duty (leaving the scene of an accident)

• Driving without a license

• Driving while suspended

• License suspension


 The Law Offices of Shane O’Donnell provides guidance and representation from an experienced attorney if your license is suspended and you want the court to reinstate your driving privileges.  We will help you fight your license suspension!


CDL holders

 An Indiana traffic violation conviction for a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) holder can cause major consequences. Indiana law holds CDL holders to higher standards than normal drivers, and since you rely on your CDL to earn a living, you need the services of The Law Offices of Shane O’Donnell to ensure that these traffic violation stay off of your permanent driving record.


Indiana traffic violations come in a variety of forms


 Whether you received a ticket for illegal parking or were stopped for speeding, you need the help of an established traffic lawyer to help you reduce or eliminate potential points on your driving record.


Points remain in effect for two years following the violation and can cause your insurance rates to increase. Your will jeopardize your privilege to drive if you accumulate 18 or more active points during a two-year period.


 Some of the more common non-moving traffic violations in Indiana that may require legal representation are:


• Registration/license expiration or suspension

• Failure to maintain auto insurance • Parking in handicap zones

• Invalid vehicle registration


Our traffic law attorney has a solid reputation with northwest Indiana traffic court judges, as Attorney O’Donnell is a former traffic Prosecutor, and he knows how to keep you traffic ticket off of your record!


Call a veteran Indiana traffic law attorney now


 Whether you are fighting a ticket or trying to reduce points, The Law Offices of Shane O’Donnell can help you retain your driving privileges.


For a free consultation, give our law office a call today at (219) 213-2254




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