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Andy Nevarez

Andy Nevarez

Mr. O’Donnell just made me the happiest father in the world. I hired him to take on four felonys and three misdemeanor cases. He got every one thrown out (dismissed). Shane truly knows his way around the courtroom and is the nicest attorney I ever had to deal with. I am very happy with my choice of hiring Shane. He’s been like family for over a couple of years now, and I feel like I can depend on him for any legal battles that get thrown at me and my family. His past prosecutor knowledge is a big plus also. He’s just a great man all around and when he talks it’s like music to my ears. Never disappointed me or my brother. My brother had multiple great outcomes on cases that didn’t look too good at first, and Shane weathered the storms with us the whole way. Thank you for everything Mr. O’Donnell, it was a blessing working with you and taking these cases down, and you even did it for an amazing price which was just another plus of dealing with you. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND ATTORNEY O’DONNELL!!!!!! THANKS SHANE AGAIN AND AGAIN!!!

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